What is your favorite playground?

One of the perks of being Construction Manager for Metro Parks, writes Paul Adams, is the ability to create and shape playgrounds children can enjoy.

By Paul Adams
Construction Manager, Louisville Metro Parks

In my eight years as construction manager of Metro Parks I have gotten the most enjoyment constructing playgrounds.  Playgrounds are just plain fun to build, and I get immense satisfaction from playing a part in building a place for the children of our city to grow and develop their physical and social skills.

That being said, there are a few playgrounds in our great system that I am particularly proud of – not to mention they have the seal of approval from my two junior playground connoisseurs (while they are only 9 and 5 they are much more critical than one might expect).  I offer the following three as my favorites:

  1. Cherokee Park – Big Rock Playground:  This is a relatively small playground, but I love the way it fits into the character of this historic park.  Metro Parks worked hand in hand with the Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy (LOPC) and the landscape architecture firm Environs, Inc. to make sure this was an enjoyable playground yet it stays nestled into the natural terrain of the Big Rock area.  The use of natural stone and its proximity to Beargrass Creek make this a great place for kids to explore and create their own ideas of play.  It is also a wonderful place for Mom and Dad to relax while listening to the gentle stream rolling by.
  2. Iroquois Park – Sunny Hill Playground:  This playground/sprayground is nothing short of awesome!  Metro Parks partnered with LOPC and The D.R.E.A.M. Foundation to create a haven for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy.  This playground was designed to make every effort to allow children and parents with disabilities to play with and along side of fully ambulatory children.  Even the hottest of summer days are held at bay with plenty of shade and interactive water features.
  3. Charlie Vettiner Park Playground:  It is BIG!  Really BIG!  It has many activities for the younger kids, but is still big enough and challenging enough for the pre-teens to enjoy.  It has even been reported that the Moms and Dads have trouble staying off of it.

Two playgrounds that have recently opened for business are located at Thurman Hutchins Park and McNeely Lake ParkBreslin Park should be ready for exploration early next spring.  We are also partnering again with LOPC and DREAM, so expect big things for the future of Shawnee Park.

Enough about what I think.  We want to hear from you.  What is your favorite playground?


2 thoughts on “What is your favorite playground?

  1. chrissie December 17, 2009 / 4:48 pm

    Charlie Vettiner Park is great for various ages (a little dangerous for the wee-ones to roam freely),
    Robsion Park playground is great, different play areas for different age groups. Very nice but tends to be vandalized a lot.
    Veterans Park on Taylorsville Rd in Jtown is a great place for kids with the exception that the playground for the wee-ones is on a different end of the park than the one for the bigger kids. The playground that is designed for bigger kids isn’t really safe for the little ones to explore on their own. So if you have kids of various ages you have to choose between the two. Although there are many other things to explore as a family such as the “nature trail”, the monuments.
    I think the playground at Seneca Park is way too small for the amount of people that congregate there in the warmer months. The actual play equipment isn’t the greatest, although it may have changed since I was there last (a few years ago).
    I haven’t been to the other two you mentioned. I went to Iroquois Park a few years ago but I don’t recalls its “awesome”ness. Perhaps its changed since then?

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