Table Tennis Fun

By Terry Wooden
Recreation Manager

Recently, I saw a picture of four people who attend our Table Tennis program on Wednesday mornings.  The picture was of four participants holding a ping-pong paddle to their hearts.  I thought it would make a great topic for a blog post.  The four people in the picture are Norm, Dave, Jack and Roger.  You can find them most Wednesdays at Beechmont Community Center playing table tennis.  Their enthusiasm for the game shows while they hit winners and then tease the other players about the shot they just made.  It is fun listening to them.  Everyone is playing for a different reason, some to get better for upcoming tournaments and some just for the fun of playing and enjoying time with friends.

Some people play for the health benefits that the game provides.  Table Tennis provides a good cardio workout, moving arms and legs.  Table Tennis is also good to keep the mind sharp and requires great hand-eye coordination.  People love the game because it is fast-paced and mentally stimulating.  Research shown that table tennis allows people to improve from a health perspective because they can see improvement in their game which leads to continued exercise.

Table Tennis is scored similar to chess, a person who has a 700 – 900 rating is just starting while someone with more expertise has a 2000 rating.  Only a few people in Kentucky have such a high rating and many of them play at Beechmont Community Center.

The skill level is very high at Beechmont and you can find a game with someone just starting or one of the highest rated players in the state.  Many players at Beechmont enjoy playing doubles which requires more strategy and team play.

What do you think about table tennis?  Do you have any personal experience playing table tennis?  We will be holding a tournament in February for beginners through Expert level; let us know if you would like more information!

Terry Wooden, Recreation Manager
Beechmont Community Center

205 West Wellington Avenue
Louisville, KY 40214
Click here for map & directions via Mapquest


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