Video outreach on cyclocross

By Jason Cissell
Public Information Officer

Recently, we produced our first “outreach video,” to update local cyclocross riders about work to build the nation’s first permanent big-city cyclocross course at Eva Bandman Park. (Cyclocross is similar to cross-country running, but on bikes, and with attitude!)

We’ve been surprised how well-received this has been… the video has been viewed more than 700 times, it has found its way into a Courier-Journal sports blog, and been featured on a national cyclocross web site. More importantly, it has gotten the local ‘cross riders — like the folks who run the Red Zone youth program — excited and better-informed about the work that’s taking place.

Seeing how powerful video can be, we’re thinking about doing more of this in 2010… as time permits, of course. And we’ll do a better job on the audio next time! I had a fun time shooting it, and the editing process was easier than I expected, although I’m still a novice.

Any fun topics you’d like to see local parks officials discussing in a short video?


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