Things are looking up for Breslin Park

Breslin Park playground, under construction
Construction is well underway on a large new playground in Breslin Park.

by Jason Cissell
Public Information Officer
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Kids in the neighborhoods of Irish Hill, Phoenix Hill and Clifton will have a large new playground to enjoy when spring weather arrives. A $60,000 playground will be completed later this month in Breslin Park.

A master plan completed for Breslin Park in 2001 called for a new playground, a walking path, a bandstand for concerts, and more, but funding was never available to implement the plan. The park remained relatively little-used, with an outdated play set, an obsolete skate park (closed when the much bigger Louisville Extreme Park opened not too far away in 2002), and a summer swimming pool.

Two years ago, the park became the focal point of criticism over the closure of several swimming pools with low attendance. The upside of that controversy was a renewed interest in moving forward on Breslin Park’s master plan. The neighborhood was promised a new playground, replacing the old skate park. Additionally, plans were drawn up and funds identified to build a modern sprayground in place of the closed pool, if the neighborhood wants one. (Spraygrounds are drawing large crowds in places like Iroquois Park and Farnsley Park, and more will open in 2010 for families to enjoy in parks like Wyandotte and Shelby.)

The new playground should draw new users to the park and build renewed interest in implementing other elements of the master plan. That interest could lead to public and/or private funding for a bandstand and walking path in Breslin Park. To see the 2001 master plan, go to the Metro Parks web page for Breslin Park.

Oh, and check out the Broken Sidewalk blog for what the site looked like a couple months ago, when the old skate park was removed.


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