Great C-J story on free fitness classes

Citizen exercising at a Metro Parks community center
Metro Parks community centers offer a variety of fitness classes and equipment.
by Jason Cissell
Public Information Officer
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There’s always a nervous period between the time a reporter interviews you and the time the story actually runs… even when the topic is a positive one. Will all the facts be right? Will the headline writers set the right tone? Fortunately, we get to work with some great local reporters, so we’re rarely let down. Even when stories aren’t about friendly topics, we usually find them fair.

Today, Sheryl Edelen at The Courier-Journal wrote a great piece about a new free fitness program we’re offering, in partnership with the health department. She was able to spend some quality time with a few citizens taking part in the free classes — something that’s not always possible in these days of newsroom cutbacks. Sheryl’s written about Metro Parks for several years, so she’s got a knack for figuring out when a story’s worth getting out of the office to cover.

The first three paragraphs of Sheyl’s story wonderfully captured the potential we feel this new program offers:

When Cloverleaf resident Sherryl Borders showed up last week at the South Louisville Community Center, she was planning only a quick visit to see how well the facilities might fit into her future plans for indoor walking and weight room conditioning.

Moments later, however, Borders found herself laughing and sweating through a series of free adult fitness classes offered at the center on Taylor Boulevard. Similar classes are being offered at eight other community centers through a partnership between Metro Parks and the Metro Department of Health & Wellness.

“Before now, walking was about all I would do, but I’m ready to take the plunge,” the 51-year-old Borders said of the class, which showed people of all fitness levels exercise to strengthen arms, legs, core muscles and endurance. “I know I’ll go back. I’ve already called one of my girlfriends and said, ‘You’ve got to come! It’s great!’”[ Keep reading the C-J story ]

This new program had 76 participants in its first week of operation. Thanks to Sheryl’s story, I’m hopeful more Louisville citizens will take part in this free fitness program in the weeks to come.


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