Horine Conference Center a hidden gem in vast forest

Horine Conference Center
This building is often referred to as the “Manor House,” but is formally called the Horine Conference Center in honor of the family who donated it to Jefferson Memorial Forest.

By Bryan Lewis, Park Infrastructure Manager
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Many folks are not aware that Jefferson Memorial Forest has a gem of a meeting facility perched atop the knobs of southern Jefferson County overlooking Metro Louisville.  Awesome views of downtown Louisville as well as the Louisville International Airport are framed by the beauty of the surrounding forest.  

The building is often referred to as the “Manor House” but is formally called the Horine Conference Center in honor of the Horine family that occupied the house until it was given to Jefferson Memorial Forest in 1989.

Emmet and Helen Horine began obtaining over 1,000 acres of the property that had once belonged to the first Horines to settle in the forested hills along the Jefferson and Bullitt County line in 1920’s.  Their aim was to restore the ancestral lands for the appreciation of nature.  There they built the large house, now known as the Horine Conference Center, and moved in around 1946.  Prior to belonging to Jefferson Forest, the Horine Family had an agreement with the Boy Scouts of America to use the property, allowing thousands of scouts to utilize the property for nearly 40 years.  When Camp Crooked Creek was opened in 1989, the Horine family gave the land to be part of Jefferson Memorial Forest.

The Horine Conference Center is a first class facility often used for business meetings, retreats, and smaller weddings.  Larger weddings can also be accommodated in the lawn area.  The building features a larger conference room with modern audio visual system, two smaller conference rooms, a spacious den with a large stone fireplace, kitchen, and patio with a deck.  Miles of hiking trails and a campground are also to be enjoyed in the Horine Section of Jefferson Forest as well.

The Conference Center may be reserved by calling Jefferson Memorial Forest at (502) 368-5404.


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