Romance is in the air with Valentine Hike program!

Desserts served by candlelight are featured at the Horine Center during the Valentine's Hikes.

Public Education Coordinator, Jefferson Memorial Forest
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On the first year we did the Valentine Hike program, a couple became engaged. Since then, first dates, anniversaries, and lots of memories have happened during this program at Jefferson Memorial Forest.  Something about being in the woods, with only the light of candles flickering in the distance to guide you, makes you cuddle closer to your significant other.  One you leave the group behind, it’s as if you are alone with only the one you love sharing an adventure.

The trail goes on, you are not sure where it will end…

When it does, you find a banquet of desserts – chocolate molten lava cake, cherry pie, mini cheesecakes of every flavor…and much more.  The fires are burning in the fire places, and there are places to sit and chat with your fellow hikers and places to be away from the crowd.  As you warm up, a romantic movie is shown in the large room, or you can continue to sit in front of the fire, just enjoying good company, hearing stories of how other couples met and how long they have been together.  For new couples, you may learn the secret to marriage, and for older couples you can pass on what has made your relationship so strong. 

This year’s Valentine Hike at Jefferson Memorial Forest will take place on Sunday, February 13th and Monday, February 14th.  Both at 7:30 PM.  The cost is $25.00 per couple and reservations must be made by February 10th.  Reservations can be made by calling 502-368-5404.

* Want more information on the hike? Click here.


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