Metro Parks Summer Camp sign ups have begun!

Summer Camp Coordinator
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This year's summer camp logo.

I am really excited about this year’s camp theme “Our Parks –  Discover Our Parks Through Metro Parks Summer Camp Program.”  The theme was selected after receiving the most votes from the Name Our Summer Camp Contest.  The contest was open to all staff at the Summer Camp sites

The theme will allow our campers to see Louisville’s parks from a whole new perspective.  Our campers will have the opportunity to take field trips to the local parks. They will be focusing on one or all of the components of the Summer Camp Program: Education, Environment, Fitness and Art while visiting the park.  

The campers will have fun while learning how they can be a part of maintaining our beautiful park system.

The Summer Camp Program gives children and teens the opportunity to interact with their peers, play, and learn all while having fun in a safe, and structured environment.

New this year is the addition of another Teen Summer Camp Program at South Louisville Community Center.  This camp is for youths ages 13-15 and will help fill the gap for teens that are too old for traditional camp programs, and too young to work.  The other Teen Camp at Baxter Community Center has been very successful for the last 4 years.  The goal is to increase the success of the Summer Camp Program with this additional offering for teens.

Please call us today to learn how you can sign your child or teen up for Metro Parks Summer Camp Program.


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