Parkside Studio: A Success?

By Amy Attaway
Co-Artistic Director, Theatre [502]

With the recent conclusion of 2011, I’m reflecting on everything Theatre [502] did during our inaugural season.  One of the biggest risks we took was helping to create and christen the new Parkside Studio space at Iroquois Amphitheater.  Was it a good idea to try something so huge in our first season?  Would our audience drive all the way out Third Street to see us?  Would we be able to reach out to the people in the Iroquois neighborhood to come see our crazy show about heavy metal?  And most importantly, would we be able to convince people that it really wasn’t outside?

The answer to all of those questions is emphatically, YES.  We had a wonderful experience with all of the staff at Iroquois, who worked with our designers and technicians to create a fantastic little theatre space.  People are still talking to me about how cool it was to enter the theatre through the backstage dressing room hallway.  Our regular audience managed to find the new space just fine, and no one complained about venturing so far away from the Highlands.  And, on the last weekend of performances, we saw more and more zip codes from south Louisville, which hardly ever happens when we perform downtown.

Theatre [502] is proud to be a part of opening this great new space to our sister theatre companies all over the city!


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