2012 Parks Madness!

Park Madness!

Well it’s time to settle the dispute… Which Metro Park is Louisville’s park of the year? But how should we settle such a dispute, you ask?  With a tournament bracket, Baby!

See all the Matchups and seedings here: 2012 Parks Madness Bracket

We have divided our parks into four regions (Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast) and picked the top 16 parks for each region (‘top’ being determined by the number of online views the park received over the last year). 

We will be conducting polls for each Park to Park match up.   You can vote for any park, any match up, any number of times!  For the first round, we will be posting 6 match ups each day (7 on the last day).  Voters will have only 24 hours to vote on the posted parks until the polls close and the next set are displayed.   The parks with the most votes will advance to the next rounds until we have our eventual 2012 Parks Madness Champion!  

So, ladies and gentleman, does your park have what it takes?

First up…

(Voting for Day 1 of Parks Madness has ended. For Results click here.)

California Park vs. 35th Street Park. 

California Park is coming into the tournament with nearly 8 acres of park land and amenities such as a multipurpose field, playground, sprayground and the California Community Center.  Nestled at the end of a residential street is 35th Street Park.  35th Street is one of Metro Parks’ smaller parks, but they believe their unique location will help them surge against their opponents.

Camp Taylor Memorial vs. Seneca

Camp Taylor Memorial Park comes in as the #2 seed in the Southeast region of the bracket.  Boasting an outdoor summer pool and a Cold War memorial, Camp Taylor is poised to do well.  If you are looking for a solid “Cinderella-pick” for the Parks Madness bracket, I would suggest Seneca Park.  Seneca has a low seed this year at 15, but with its strong neighborhood support and historical ties to Olmsted Parks, they have a strong chance of making a run for the championship.   

Kulmer Reserve vs. Wyandotte

Kulmer Reserve is a calm and leisurely park.  It offers a beautiful view of the Ohio River, walking paths and fishing.  Wyandotte Park is an active park offering a multitude of sports fields and amenities.  You could say this is a battle of “tortoise and the hare”.  We will have to wait and see if slow and steady will win in this poll.

Hays Kennedy vs. Caperton Swamp

Hays Kennedy Park was recently featured on Consuming Louisville and is a #4 seed this year in the Northeast region.  If Hays Kennedy can focus, I think it can use its recent exposure of its historical past to springboard far in the tournament this year.  Caperton Swamp is an awesome natural area.  The Swamp is managed and maintained by Metro Parks.  Caperton is a “bubble Park” that was selected this year based on its strong uniqueness to the Park system. 

Portland Wharf vs. Old Walnut/Beecher

Recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, Portland Wharf Park has a wonderful multi-use walking path and beautiful river frontage.  Old Walnut/Beecher Park has 4 acres located between Roy Wilkins Avenue and Muhammad Ali Boulevard.  Old Walnut/Beecher is looking to put up a tough fight this year offering two tennis courts, basketball court and other amenities.

Waverly vs. Shelby

Waverly Park is one of the several places you can fish, hike, and mountain bike in Metro Louisville. Conveniently located next to Bobby Nichols Golf course, Waverly claims to have the Park that can take home the Championship this year.  They face a foe, Shelby Park.  Shelby is an Olmsted Park with a community center and a recently added modern sprayground.  Shelby wants to prove that their seeding doesn’t reflect their strength to win.


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