2012 Parks Madness! (Day 2)

(Voting for Day 2 of Parks Madness has ended)

The first day of Parks madness has been, well, madness!

For details of the voting results, click here

What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

Today’s Matchups 

Fisherman’s vs. Gnadinger

(5) Fisherman’s Park is a fisherperson’s paradise! But Metro Parks’ smallest park, (12) Gnadinger, is the pride of Germantown neighborhood and won’t go down easily.


Algonquin vs. Toonerville Trolley

(3) Algonquin Park has a new 800-square foot pavilion, football field, and a summer pool. (14) Toonerville Trolley Park is looking to make an upset, but the Algonquin powerhouse will be a struggle to take down.


Shawnee vs. Ben Washer

(16) Ben Washer Park is an Old Louisville neighborhood favorite.  The top seeded (1) Shawnee Park isn’t worried about this matchup as they expect an easy win.


Long Run vs. Crosby

(8) Long Run Park is hoping to make a “long run” in the tournament.  Long Run Park has over 416 Acres of beautiful parkland and an 18-hole golf course that will be hard for teams to measure up against.  (9) Crosby Park says not to count their park out for the championship.  Crosby is small in comparison but their 20 acres, 2 tennis courts, playground and pavilions pack a lot of heart.


Eva Bandman vs. Carrie Gaulbert Cox

 (3) Eva Bandman Park is home to Louisville’s world class CycloCross course and will host the UCI CycloCross Elite World Championships in 2013! If you’re looking for a park that is less biking and more boating, than (14) Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park may be the nautical destination you’re looking for! Cox Park has a boat ramp, sailboat ramp and a magnificent river frontage.  This matchup could be closer than the seedings would indicate.


Fairmont Falls vs. Tyler Park

(4) Fairmont Falls Park has a gorgeous waterfall that would make most other parks run in fear.  But, (13) Tyler Park is not your average park.  Tyler is rich in history as an Olmsted Park and is iconic to the Tyler Park Community.



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