2012 Parks Madness (Day 3)

Day 3 of Parks Madness is here!

(Polls for Day 3 have been closed)

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What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

Today’s matchups…

McNeely Lake vs. Willow

(8) McNeely Lake Park is gorgeous as always this year and is impressive with its scenic lake views, potential landmark cave and Korean War Memorial. With an extremely active following, McNeely is a crowd pleaser. (9) Willow Park is a small quaint little park that can take out other parks without warning! Home to neighborhood gatherings, concerts and festivals, Willow, is not a park to take lightly.


Locust Grove vs. Louisville Extreme

You know the saying, “Out with old and in with the new”.  Well (2) Locust Grove has pulled in a top seeding for its historic property this year and looks to use its informational tours to wreak havoc on Louisville Extreme.  (15) Louisville Extreme Park is young, but they have the talent to win this tournament.  With 40,000 square feet of outdoor concrete skating surface and a wooden vert ramp and a 24 foot full-pipe, there is no question as to why the Extreme Park is held in high regards nationally. 


Joe Creason vs. Fern Creek

Located adjacent to Bellarmine University, (6) Joe Creason Park is a favorite of students and they will let you know it! Creason houses the Metro Parks administrative offices and the Louisville Tennis Center’s nine clay courts; the Louisville Nature Center and Louisville Zoo are nearby.  Creason will be a tough park for (11) Fern Creek Park to handle.  Fern Creek is a recreation oriented  park with 7 ballfields and four tennis courts, but they will need Creason to have an off night and luck on their side to pull out a victory here.


William B. Stansbury vs. Iroquois

(2) William B. Stansbury and (15) Iroquois Park both has the satisfaction of being in the Frederick Law Olmsted Conference. Situated diagonally from the University of Louisville, William B. Stansbury has its fair share of visitors with basketball and volleyball courts and a spray pool. After receiving a (15) seed, Iroquois was outraged. They felt their forested hillsides, breathtaking vistas and open-air amphitheater would earn them a higher seed. Will Iroquois be a bracket killer and upset (2) William B. Stansbury?


Russell Lee vs. Elliot Square

This is a matchup of lesser known parks, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a battle! (3) Russell Lee Park has done well this year and with support from the Southwick Community Center , they could do big things in the tournament.  (14) Elliot Square Park is approaching the tournament one park matchup at a time.  If their basketball court has a good night and their sprayground steps their game up, we could see an upset here with Elliot Square advancing.   


Victory vs. Ballard

(7) Victory Park is looking for just that, “victory”.  They are often looked over in their extremely tough Frederick Law Olmsted Conference, but they have the work ethic and desire it takes to win.  (10) Ballard Park comes in with less than an acre of parkland and three basketball courts.  Ballard has had a decent season but they are heavily outmatched against Victory Park.



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