2012 Parks Madness (Day 4)

Welcome to day 4 of Parks Madness!

(Polls for day 4 have ended, visit the results page.)

What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

For details of the voting results so far, click here.

Today’s matchups…

Sun Valley vs. Riverside

Fans scream, “Welcome to the Valley!”  Home to an awesome community center and 18-hole golf course, (7) Sun Valley Park can hang with the best of them.  (10) Riverside, The Farnsley-Moremen Landing is one of Metro Parks historic properties offering biking, fishing, rentals, river frontage and tours, Riverside has a lot of amenities that can throw other parks off their game.


Baxter Square vs. Lannan

(4) Baxter Square is a smooth talking park that is planning on bringing their secret weapons of a spray pool, basketball courts and the fact that it is Louisville’s first public park to reassure why they deserved that (4) seed. However, a good park is where the heart is! (13) Lannan Park plans on using its RiverWalk access and ball fields to bang out this win.


Jefferson Memorial Forest vs. Windsor Open Space

What is a tournament without the Cinderella story! (1) Jefferson Memorial Forest (JMF) is the overall #1 seed in this year’s tournament and for good reason.  JMF is the largest urban forest in the nation with over 6,218 acres.  But (16) Windsor Open Space  would love to make history by taking down the JMF juggernaut with their passive open space located off of Third Street Road.  An upset here is unlikely, but hey that’s why we are doing these polls!


Crescent Hill vs. Hounz Lane

(7) Crescent Hill is on a hot-streak with their newly renovated Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center and stellar 9-hole golf course. Goose Creek flows through (10) Hounz Lane Park and this 20 acre park puts up a fight till the final whistle blows.


Louisville Champions vs. Thurman Hutchins

As the great Muhammad Ali has stated, “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision”. (5) Louisville Champions Park feels confident they possess what it takes to bring home the championship. Offering flexible space for a mixture of field sports, they’ve seen some of the best athletes. But let’s not underestimate (12) Thurman Hutchins Park. Thurman Hutchins located on River Road can easily take the win with their beautiful fishing lake and various ball fields.  You won’t want to miss this rivalry match up!


George Rogers Clark vs. Farnsley

(10) Farnsley Park has such a positive mentality and will to win,  this less than 5 acre park surprises a lot of folks.  (7) George Rogers Clark Park is confident their historic namesake will continue to guide them to victory.


Des Pres vs. Petersburg

A tough park to beat is (3) De Pres Park.  De Pres is located just off of Taylorsville Road providing 30 acres of parkland that includes everything from a picnic shelter to a horseshoe pit.  Comparable to Des Pres in size and amenities is (14) Petersburg Park. Petersburg  is one of those parks that is hard not to like.  They are an underdog in the tournament a lot of folks might be pulling for.




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