2012 Parks Madness Round 1 Final (Day 5)

Day 5 of Parks Madness has arrived and not a moment too soon!

(Polls for day 5 have ended, visit the results page.)

What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

For details of the voting results so far, click here.

Today’s matchups…

Central Park vs. Watterson Lake Park

A superior park defines (4) Central Park . Located in the heart of Old Louisville, Central Park has a strong following with their striking mature trees, tennis courts, and the home of The Old Louisville Information Center and C. Douglass Ramey Amphitheater which hosts free summer Shakespearian performances.  (13) Watterson Lake Park plans to give Central Park a fair fight. They anticipate their unique fishing lake and quarter mile walking path will give them the edge they need to pull out a victory.


Cherokee Park vs. Bingham Park

(1) Cherokee Park  is coming into this match-up as huge favorite with their 2.4-mile Scenic Loop, historic fountains, hiking trails, off-leash dog run, fishing lake, playgrounds, ball fields and Nettleroth Bird Sanctuary. Is Bingham Park the force to stop Cherokee Park? (16) Bingham Park may be smaller than Cherokee, but they’ve shown they can compete with a basketball court, beautiful picnic area and their spraygrounds and playgrounds. Bingham Park hopes this competition brings them the exposure they need to for an upset.


Chickasaw Park vs. LaPorte Park

Chickasaw Park enters this competition with a (2) seed. Another stunning Frederick Law Olmstead Park, they offer the only free clay tennis courts in the region! In addition to the clay courts, they have a fishing lake, basketball courts, walking path, volleyball court and spectacular view of the Ohio River. (15) LaPorte Park wants to prove why smaller can be better.  This petite but adored park brings a viable basketball court, playground and sprayground. Can LaPorte stop Chickasaw in this tournament?


Parkhill Park vs. Flaget Field

(6) Parkhill Park knows that this will be a close match-up when they take on (11) Flaget Field. Parkhill Park is hoping the fact they have a picnic shelter, sprayground and basketball courts will give them the momentum to be victorious. Flaget Field chuckles at that idea. They’re determined their football and multipurpose field, in addition to a quarter mile walking path will secure this win.


Riverview Park vs. Churchill Park 

(5) Riverview Park feels this will be an effortless victory.  The beautiful Ohio River view, newly renovated boat ramp and custom sprayground will sail them to a win. (12) Churchill Park is ‘down’ to make this a fight to the finish line! They are running on the fact that their ballfield and playground will give them the push in the final stretch. Will this be a photo finish?


Beargrass Creek Greenway vs. A.B. Sawyer Park

(6) Beargrass Creek Greenway is located at Irish Hill and is confident that their 1.33-mile multi-use path will be enough to secure the win.  (11) A.B. Sawyer Park says not so soon! A.B. Sawyer says they’re twelve ballfields, tennis courts and two multi-purpose fields speak for themselves. Will Beargrass Creek Greenway have the ‘Luck of the Irish’ in this contest?


Charlie Vettiner Park vs. Buechel Park

(1) Charlie Vettiner  has been the home of the Louisville Area Soaring Society since the 1950’s. In addition to being home of a disc golf course, fishing lake, off-leash dog run, 18-hole golf course and walking path, they know why they are a (1) seed. (16) Buechel Parkisn’t going to let Vettiner soar to victory. Buechel is a neighborhood gem with ballfields, cricket pitch, tennis courts and picnic shelters. Can Buechel ground Vettiner’s  flight to the second round?



One thought on “2012 Parks Madness Round 1 Final (Day 5)

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