Round 2 of Parks Madness 2012!

Only the parks with the most votes survive and we are excited to see who makes the cut in Round 2 of Parks Madness! Round 2 voting polls will be open until Monday, March 26. 

So, vote now & vote often!

(Polls for round 2 have ended, visit the results page.)

What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

For details of the voting results so far, click here.

Round 2 Matchups:

Cherokee Park vs. Long Run

(1) Cherokee and (8) Long Run are both coming off blowout victories! Long Run is hoping that having more acreage will be enough to upset Cherokee. Cherokee’s strategy is to stick with their desired amenities and history to coast into the sweet sixteen.


Thurman Hutchins vs. Hays Kennedy

(4) Hays Kennedy Park barely squeaked out the win against Caperton Swamp. It was a nail biter until the last minute, leaving Hays Kennedy victorious by one vote.  (12) Thurman Hutchins Park came from behind to upset the (5) seed Louisville Champions, by twenty votes.  Hays Kennedy is going to change up their game and play on the fact they have polo fields whereas Thurman Hutchins is hoping to continue their path to victory!  


Beargass Creek Greenway vs. Eva Bandman

When asked about their victory over Carrie Gaulbert Cox,  (3) Eva Bandman, home to Louisville’s world class CycloCross course, simply said, “Winning!” (6) Beargrass Creek Greenways is certain their multi-use path will be winning this match up!


Crescent Hill vs. Louisville Extreme

(7) Crescent Hill looks to continue their hot-streak.  Their newly renovated Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center has been impressive this season and their stellar 9-hole golf course has stepped up its game for the tournament.  (15) Louisville Extreme has the confidence to take down any park after their dominating performance against Locust Grove Last week.  This will be an exciting poll to keep your eye on.


Charlie Vettiner vs. McNeely Lake

(1) Charlie Vettiner  has been the home of the Louisville Area Soaring Society since the 1950’s. In addition to being home to a disc golf course, fishing lake, off-leash dog run, 18-hole golf course and walking path, they know why they are a (1) seed. (8) McNeely Lake Park is gorgeous as always this year and is impressive with its scenic lake views, potential landmark cave and Korean War Memorial. With an extremely active following, McNeely is a crowd pleaser.


Gnadinger vs. Tyler

This is one of the most exciting matchups of the 2nd round! (12) Gnadinger is relatively unknown to those outside of Germantown, but with a recent feature on Consuming Louisville, more folks are supporting this tiny triangular slice of paradise.  But, (13) Tyler Park is not your average park.  Tyler is rich in history as an Olmsted Park and is iconic to the Tyler Park Community.


Creason vs. Des Pres

(6) Joe Creason Park was purchased from Bellarmine University by the City in 1966. It is now home to Metro Parks administrative offices and the Louisville Tennis Center’s nine clay courts; the Louisville Nature Center and Louisville Zoo are nearby.  Creason is a fierce and confident park that is tough for any park to top.  But (3) Des Pres Park is located just off of Taylorsville Road providing 30 acres of parkland that includes everything from a picnic shelter to a horseshoe pit and no one should consider them defeated just yet.


George Rogers Clark vs. Seneca

(7) George Rogers Clark Park is confident their historic namesake will continue to guide them to victory. (15) Seneca Park has a low seed this year at 15, but as we saw in the 1st round, its strong neighborhood support and historical ties to Olmsted Parks gives them an edge most parks don’t have.


Shawnee vs. California

(1) Shawnee Park said simply, “We expect to win.”  California Park has nearly 8 acres of park land and amenities such as a multipurpose field, playground, sprayground and the California Community Center.  Can California alter Shawnee’s expectations?


Portland Wharf vs. Baxter Square

Recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, Portland Wharf Park has a wonderful multi-use walking path and beautiful river frontage. (4) Baxter Square is Louisville’s first public park and wants to be the first park to win Parks Madness!


Flaget vs. Elliot Square

(14) Elliot Square Park is approaching the tournament one park matchup at a time.  If their basketball court has a good night and their sprayground steps their game up, we could see an upset here with Elliot Square advancing.   (11) Flaget Field is self-assured their football and multipurpose field, in addition to a quarter mile walking path will secure this win.


Victory vs. Chickasaw

(7) Victory Park found the  “victory” they were looking for in the 1st round.  But this round will be a true test of their will to win as they are paired up against their Frederick Law Olmsted Conference for, Chickasaw Park. (2) Chickasaw Park is a stunning Frederick Law Olmstead Park, they offer the only free clay tennis courts in the region! In addition to the clay courts, they have a fishing lake, basketball courts, walking path, volleyball court and spectacular view of the Ohio River.


Jefferson Memorial Forest vs. Waverly

Ever since Jefferson Memorial Forest (JMF) was named the overall #1 seed, they’ve had a target on their back. It wasn’t enough to stop them from sweeping past Windsor Open Space. However, Waverly still claims they are the Park that can take home the Championship. (8) Waverly will have to bring their best game with an amazing fishing lake, hike, and mountain bike trails to overtake JMF with over 6,218 acres making them the largest urban forest in the nation.


Riverview vs. Central

(4) Central Park coasted to victory over Watterson Lake Park.  (5) Riverview Park also proved too much for Churchill Park. Who will come away with this win, Central Park with their captivating history or Riverview with their modern renovations?


Kulmer Reserve vs.  Algonquin

This match-up will be interesting as both parks have different styles. (6) Kulmer Reserve is a calm and leisurely park that offers breathtaking views of the Ohio River. (3) Algonquin Park is packed with amenities: A new 800-square foot pavilion, football field, and a summer pool!


Riverside vs. Iroquois

(10) Riverside, The Farnsley-Moremen Landing used their amenities to throw Sun Valley off their game. Iroquois (15) blew past William B. Stansbury in a record setting upset. Riverside plans on using their secret weapon of river frontage and tours to beat Iroquois. (15)  Iroquois Park says their Amphitheater is enough to advance. This will be a close and heated match-up.



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