Round 3 Parks Madness!





















Welcome to the Sweet 16 of Parks Madness!

(Polls for round 3 have ended, visit the results page.)

See how the tournament is shaping up –> Parks Madness Bracket Round 3

What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

For details of the voting results so far, click here.

 Round 3 Matchups:

Shawnee vs. Portland Wharf

The two major features of (1) Shawnee Park are the concourses that give extensive views and the spacious Great Lawn.  Acquired in 1892, Shawnee is a historically rich Olmsted Park and is a favorite to win the northwest region. (5) Portland Wharf is an extremely unique Metro Park. Once deemed a, “Preserve America community” by First Lady Laura Bush, it is no shock that the Portland community has embraced and supported this delightful tract of riverfrontage.  


Flaget Field vs. Chickasaw

Flashback to 1985, (11) Flaget Field is acquired by the Metro Parks department.  Taking down an Olmsted conference team last week, Flaget is perpetually gaining confidence as they approach the tournament with a “one vote at a time” mentality.  (2) Chickasaw Park has been dominating its competitors and critics argue that Chickasaw may have the easiest route to the regional final. Let’s see if Flaget has what it takes to prove the critics wrong.


Waverly vs. Riverview

Parks Madness gurus have granted (8) Waverly the biggest upset of the tournament this year as no one predicted they would take down the overall number 1 seed, Jefferson Memorial Forest.  (5) Riverview Park had its own upset against the powerful Central Park last week. Was Waverly’s winning a fluke?


Kulmer Reserve vs. Iroquois

(6) Kulmer Reserve is a calm and leisurely park.  With its 28 acre stretch of land along the Ohio River, it has been moving swiftly through the competition so far. But (15) Iroquois Park is feisty and with acts like the Shins and Alice Cooper coming to the amphitheater this summer, they are competing with the best of Parks.


Cherokee vs. Thurman Hutchins

During this whole madness, (1) Cherokee’s approach is to stick with their desired amenities and history, and it has demonstrated to be a thriving strategy. With (12) Thurman Hutchins Park entering this matchup as a clear underdog it needs to corral its great fan base so that they can help coast them to victory. It also wouldn’t hurt if Cherokee has an off night.


Beargrass Creek Greenway vs. Louisville Extreme

(6) Beargrass Creek Greenways has shown to be a powerhouse in this competition by defeating all their opponents by an extreme margin. Riding on the success of their multi-use path, they’re confident of an ‘extreme’ victory over Louisville Extreme Park. But, (15) Louisville Extreme has the poise to take down any park after their dominating performance against Locust Grove and Crescent Hill. 


McNeely Lake vs. Tyler

(8) McNeely Lake Park is gorgeous as always this year and is impressive with its scenic lake views, potential landmark cave and Korean War Memorial. With an extremely active following, McNeely is a crowd pleaser. But can they top (13) Tyler Park? Tyler is rich in history as an Olmsted Park and is iconic to the Tyler Park Community. Not to mention, Tyler Park has a pretty sweet underpass below Baxter Avenue which can really throw McNeely off their game.


Creason vs. Seneca

After an extraordinary win over Des Pres Park, Creason Parks has the energy to take down Seneca Park to secure a spot in the elite eight. (15) Seneca Park defeated (7) George Rogers Clark by 7 votes. Seneca’s key to victory is the strong neighborhood support and historical ties to Olmsted Parks. But Creason says don’t count them out! with their tie to Metro Parks administrative offices and the Louisville Tennis Center’s nine clay courts, this could be a matchup to remember.



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