Round 4 Parks Madness!

Ready for some more Parks Madness?!  

(Polls for round 4 have ended, visit the results page.)

What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

For details of the voting results so far, click here.

 Round 3 Matchups:

Cherokee vs. Beargrass Creek Greenway

(1) Cherokee Park is more than familiar with (6) Beargrass Creek Greenway.  You could say that these two parks ‘have met’ as they are less than .3 of a mile apart from one another.  Cherokee is one of Metro Parks most visited park and is the pride of the Highlands community.  However, Beargrass Creek Greenway has its fair share of users and supporters.  It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

results page

McNeely Lake vs. Creason

Chugga, Chugga… CHOO! CHOO! You hear that?  That is the sound of (8) McNeely Lake Park railroading its competition.  McNeely has taken down not one, not two, but three Olmsted Conference parks to make it to the Elite 8 round of Parks Madness!  Now McNeely takes on (6) Joe Creason Park.  Creason Park is named after Mr. Joe Creason who served as a sports reporter, feature writer and columnist for the Courier-Journal for over thirty years. Creason Park offers gorgeous views of the Highlands area (including the Bellarmine University Campus), houses the Metro Parks administrative offices and the Louisville Tennis Center’s nine clay courts; the Louisville Nature Center and Louisville Zoo are nearby as well. Will McNeely Lake drown Creason’s opportunity to be a Parks Madness champion or will Creason Park derail the McNeely Lake train for the win?

results page

 Waverly vs. Iroquois

(8) Waverly Park is feeling the enthusiasm of their victories over Riverview Park, overall #1 seed Jefferson Memorial Forest and Shelby Park. This excitement is felt all the way down to their neighboring golf course Bobby Nichols. (15) Iroquois knows they have to be on their game. Great defense and tapping into their deep fan base may be the winning key for the underdog Iroquois.

results page

Shawnee vs. Chickasaw

(1) Shawnee Park will take on their in-conference, Olmsted rival, (2) Chickasaw Park. While on paper these two are almost identical with river frontage, ballfields, walking paths, and lodges (that can be rented out for special occasions).  The winner of this matchup will be determined by whose players and fans have felt the fatigue of competition. Our bracketologist predicts this matchup will go late into the night.



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