Final Four – Parks Madness!

Let’s get this Final Four of Parks Madness started!

(Polls for the Final Four have ended, visit the results page.)

What is Parks Madness? View our first posting for details.

For details of the voting results so far, click here.

WARNING: Due to the awesomeness of our Parks, voting may be extremely difficult.  Try visiting the parks on several occasions to assist with any Parks Madness voting dilemmas.

Final Four Matchups:

Chickasaw vs. Iroquois

Chickasaw Park has really ‘sawed’ its way to the Final Four of Parks Madness this year.  Chickasaw is a tranquil park with river frontage and a fishing-hole. But don’t let the tranquility of this park fool you, they want a championship just as bad as the other parks and will do everything they can to win it all.  Iroquois has shocked and surprised more than a few folks this year with the kind of numbers they are getting in the polls.  Iroquois has some amenities that no other parks have to offer ( i.e., Amphitheater, city-overlook), which is part of the reason for its success in the tournament.   

results page

Cherokee vs. Creason

Here it is… It’s the matchup everyone has been talking about; Cherokee versus Creason.  Literally on opposite sides of the Highlands neighborhood, these two parks are different in size and amenities, but are loved equally by their users.  Cherokee Park is one of Metro Parks most visited parks in the parks system. Offering a piece of natural paradise in an urban setting, makes Cherokee an extremely popular destination for surrounding residents and it is no shock to see them in the Parks Madness Final Four.  Joe Creason Park doesn’t have hundreds of acres of rolling hills or a golf course like its cross neighborhood foe, but it does offer a serene and pleasant slice of park utopia that any level of park goer will find hard not to love.

results page


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