Iroquois Park Vandalism FAQs

Iroquois_restroomThanks to our awesome Facebook fans, our post regarding the criminal acts at Iroquois Park has gotten a lot of attention and has been featured on the local news stations (WDRB, WLKY, WAVE and WHAS).  Hopefully this attention will help lead to the identification of the person/people who committed this careless crime.   This story has generated a lot of questions and concerns by citizens and we are going to try and answer some of those here.

$10,000 for a toilet and water fountain?! That seems kind of high…

The $10,000 was the initial estimate for the repair, materials and labor (breakdown of costs below). The largest portion of the cost, about $7500, is the estimated purchase price of the water fountain.  It may seem surprising that a water fountain can cost so much, but because Iroquois is an Olmsted Park, the park fixtures installed are required to meet a level of design standards set by the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, and this type of fountain may carry a slightly higher price than styles found in other parks. In addition, Metro Parks is a public agency, therefore it must stay in compliance with several ordinances regarding the contracting of labor, purchasing materials as well as those materials used must meet specific standards and be purchased from approved vendors.

Cost estimates:

Toilet replacement:

$200 (without install). At this time it doesn’t appear that the plumbing in the restroom will need repairs, just the fixture replacement. We won’t know for sure until we remove and replace the fixture and see if there was any damage to pipes within the wall.

Graffiti abatement for the restroom and playground:

Approximately $300 for paint and painting supplies for the restroom. Labor estimate – 4 employees * 16 hours * $13.00/hr = $832.00.

Water fountain purchase and installation:

(Handicap accessible and frost proof):  Between $7500.00 and $8000.00

The necessary plumbing repairs for the drinking fountain should be included in the cost for purchase and installation above unless there are more problems below grade we won’t be able to see until we remove the concrete and inspect the valve.

Concrete removal and replacement:  

Unknown at this time, but Parks expects this to be covered in the water fountain installation above.

Repair the cut shade structure at the playground:

Approximately $700.00


Total Estimate = $9,232


Why doesn’t Metro Parks install security cameras?

An exterior surveillance camera system is expensive and has limitations.  However,  Metro Parks is in discussion with LMPD to  add a camera at certain locations.


Has Metro Parks considered using Stainless Steel toilets in the restrooms?

Stainless steel toilets cost about $700-$800 each. A ceramic toilet is around $150. Our maintenance manager has found it to be more cost effective to simply replace 4-5 ceramic toilets for the cost of one stainless. Unfortunately, even a stainless toilet would need replacing when a 250 pound fountain is thrown on top of it.


What can I do to help?

We are encouraging the entire community to be our eyes and ears in all the parks.  Contacting LMPD anytime suspicious behavior is seen or vandals are caught in the act is the best way to combat vandalism.


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