We are Thankful for Jim Clark

Bone Dry
Jim and Bone-Dry Team Restoring Iroquois Horse Arena

By Andrew Brooks
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This Thanksgiving Holiday Metro Parks has a lot to be thankful for. In particular, we are really thankful for the impact volunteers have had in our Parks, Community Centers, and Historic Homes. Volunteers help us everyday to achieve our mission and help make our community a better place thanks to their generosity. In 2015 thousands of volunteers have decided to contribute there helping hand in our volunteer program and we can’t be more thankful this.


One special volunteer we would like to recognize this year is Jim Clark. Jim was recently recognized as a WLKY Bell Award Winner. Thanks to the leadership of Jim Clark, owner of Bone-Dry Waterproofing, a small request for advice on drainage issues turned into a generous gift for the community, restoring the public horse arena in beloved Iroquois Park.


Metro Parks initially approached Jim to get advice on how to grade the arena to improve the conditions of the surface. Once Metro Parks explained the issues we were having with the horse arena, Jim immediately understood what needed to be done. Without provocation, he generously offered to donate time and talent to the project.


Jim single handily remodeled the surface of the Iroquois Horse Arena, using Bone-Dry’s equipment and renting additional equipment when necessary, to complete the task. Jim worked for weeks installing the new surface, ensuring it was done correctly. Once complete, Jim and his Bone-Dry team prepared the site for a large volunteer group project with GE Appliance Park. On October 11, 2013, 10 volunteers from Bone-Dry and a group from GE painted the newly installed fence. In total Jim and his team spent many long days over a two month period on this project assessed at a value well in excess of $22,000 including  labor, equipment, and supplies.


Because of this project, South Louisville Community Center was able to start an equestrian program during its summer camps the following year which was an invaluable price and gave teens that had never ridden horses before the opportunity to do so.


Our organization isn’t the only one to have benefited from Mr. Clark’s generosity. He has provided similar assistance to Metro Police K-9 unit and Metro Police Mounted Patrol. In 2012, he donated over 360 team hours to Lampe Home featured on Extreme Home Makeover. In 2011, he was able to transform a vacant lot full of overgrown weeds, dead trees and trash into a beautiful “green space” directly behind the Kentucky Humane Society Main Campus to aide in pet adoptions.


Jim Clark and his team have a huge heart, and we can’t thank them enough for the work that they have done for Metro Parks. The Iroquois Arena project simply would not have been completed without Bone-Dry, and specifically Jim Clark’s assistance. Jim Clark is an excellent model of compassion and Metro Parks and the our citizens are proud of his work. We salute all your hard work this Thanksgiving Jim!


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