Louisville Parks & Recreation Wishes Birthday Wishes to Mickey!

By Walter Munday
Metro Parks and Recreation Outreach Manager
e-mail Walter

One of the overwhelming themes at this year’s National Park & Recreation Conference in St. Louis, MO, was a reminder that Park & Recreation professionals are the “FUN PEOPLE” of communities and municipal governments.

Parks and Playgrounds are birthplaces of fun and adventure for the majority of children in this country. In grade school it’s the playground which puts the “play” in “time”. It’s the fields and courts at neighborhood parks which offer venues of “FUN” for those who enjoy athletics or maybe even a game of hide & seek or nature excursions. It’s the community centers which offer indoor facilities for year-round “FUN” for both kids & adults involved in arts & crafts, athletics, performance arts, or social activities.

So… it’s only fitting that we, Louisville Metro Parks & Recreation, offer birthday wishes to the epitome of “FUN” on this November 18, 2016. Happy 88th Birthday Mickey Mouse from your friends at Louisville Metro Parks & Recreation!



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