Bobby Wilson – Rec Leader strives to set fitness example


Our nation’s public parks and recreation agencies are leaders in improving the overall health and wellness of the nation. We’re essential partners in combating some of the most complicated challenges our country faces – poor nutrition, hunger, obesity, and physical inactivity. But many park and recreational employees, like others nationally, struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With only so many hours in a day, finding a consistent balance between work, life, exercise and a healthy diet can seem impossible. While many pledge changes, few follow through.

This year, Louisville Parks and Recreation will be highlighting employees who are striving to live healthier lives. Our goal is to monthly highlight an employee(s) who are engaging in some form of healthy activity, or has made adjustments to their diet to live healthier.

Our first employee we’d like to highlight is Bobby Wilson. Bobby is a Recreation Leader at Sun Valley Community Center. He joined the Louisville Parks and Recreation 22 years ago, and currently works at Sun Valley Community Center.


In his role, Bobby teaches fitness classes, such as Silver Sneakers, Get Fit, and periodically a Teen Weightlifting Class. In addition, he leads a variety of recreational activities, and coaches several recreational basketball, flag football, baseball, and other sports teams. Bobby also is involved in department special events, after school programs, summer camps, arts and crafts, and other recreational programs and activities.

About 12 years ago, Bobby noticed he was spending way too much time sitting/lying on the couch at home. He quickly began noticing his waistline expanding. Bobby immediately began walking daily, which later progressed into running. Now, 12 years later and 70 pounds lighter, he continues to run – now up to three miles daily.

“Exercise is important to ensure that your body is strong and healthy enough to meet the challenges you set for it,” said Bobby.

He offers the following advice:
 Find an activity you love and then do it daily
 Watch Your Diet
 Cut BACK not OUT on your favorite foods
 Don’t Give Up!

The outcome, according to Bobby, “You’ll feel better, have more energy, and even add years to your life. Just start small, and make the effort… you’ll amaze yourself.”

“Just start small, and make the effort… you’ll amaze yourself.”

Healthy People of Parks

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