Waverly Park – Off The Beaten Path in South Louisville

By Walter Munday walter.munday@louisvilleky.gov Welcome to Waverly Park – one of Louisville’s best kept secrets. Most commonly known for its “allegedly” haunted sanatorium, Waverly Park is 300 acres of beautiful woodlands, along with a nine-hole course named for Louisville golf legend Bobby Nichols, a 4.4 acre fishing lake, a fishing dock, hiking and mountain bikeContinue reading “Waverly Park – Off The Beaten Path in South Louisville”

Softball champ Madison McCoy batting 1.000 as mentor to community center youth

By Walter Munday walter.munday@louisvilleky.gov Less than a month ago, Madison McCoy was celebrating with her Louisville Male High School Bulldog teammates after her team clinched the 2019 Girls Kentucky High School State Softball Championship.  Today, Madison is working in our Athletics Division helping coach/mentor participants in our Reds Rookie Success League, a program sponsored byContinue reading “Softball champ Madison McCoy batting 1.000 as mentor to community center youth”

Aquatic Supervisor Puts In Overtime Outside the Pool

By Walter Munday walter.munday@louisvilleky.gov Parks and recreation is an integral part of American life. Parks and recreation amenities such as playgrounds, gyms, aquatic centers and features serve as places where people go to improve their physical and mental well being, have fun with family and friends, and/or enjoy nature first hand. As a park andContinue reading “Aquatic Supervisor Puts In Overtime Outside the Pool”

Teresa Lee: living healthy and stronger after tobacco use

By WALTER MUNDAY walter.munday@louisvilleky.gov According to a study conducted by Health.com, living healthy and longer is as easy as making a few lifestyle changes.  The study identified four unhealthy behaviors—smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not exercising, and not eating enough fruits and veggies—that can hustle you into an early grave, and, in effect, age youContinue reading “Teresa Lee: living healthy and stronger after tobacco use”

Louisville Parks & Rec: Improving Seniors’ Quality of Life

By WALTER MUNDAY Walter.Munday@louisvilleky.gov Parks are designed to bring together people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  Park and Recreation agencies are tasked with creating healthy communities by managing and in some cases enhancing an area’s physical environment.  On a daily basis, these agencies manage recreational facilities and landscapes, fabricated playscapes and protect natural areasContinue reading “Louisville Parks & Rec: Improving Seniors’ Quality of Life”

Douglass Community Center is Under New Leadership

By Walter Munday walter.munday@louisvilleky.gov Charles “Chaz” Bullard Louisville Parks and Recreation is proud to announce Charles “Chaz” Bullard as the new Center Supervisor at Douglass Community Center located at 2305 Douglass Blvd. Chaz has a long history with our department. He started working with Louisville Parks and Recreation as a teenager in 2007, working asContinue reading “Douglass Community Center is Under New Leadership”

Bobby Wilson – Rec Leader strives to set fitness example

By WALTER MUNDAY walter.munday@louisvilleky.gov Our nation’s public parks and recreation agencies are leaders in improving the overall health and wellness of the nation. We’re essential partners in combating some of the most complicated challenges our country faces – poor nutrition, hunger, obesity, and physical inactivity. But many park and recreational employees, like others nationally, struggleContinue reading “Bobby Wilson – Rec Leader strives to set fitness example”

Remembering A Trailblazer

In 1974, a dedicated cadre of approximately 10 Louisville environmentalists gathered and soon afterwards formed an organization titled Wilderness Jefferson County, Inc.  The sole purpose of this organization was advocating for the responsible use and preservation of wild lands in the area.  Much of their efforts focused on the southwestern portion of the county andContinue reading “Remembering A Trailblazer”

New mural at Berrytown Park the brainchild of Manual junior

By Walter Munday Community Outreach Manager e-mail Walter Art has the potential for improving our cities parks and recreational amenities.  Art enhances our appreciation for the rich history and cultural identify of our treasured greenspaces.  That’s why I was so excited to catch-up with a local high school student who chose one of our localContinue reading “New mural at Berrytown Park the brainchild of Manual junior”

Planting a Tree to Remember Those Gone

In the world of work, the focus always seems narrowed to profits, strategic plans, productivity, but rarely to the lifelong relationships established within companies and organizations. For most of us who spend nearly as much time on the job as we do awake at home, our colleagues often become our second family. From the sharingContinue reading “Planting a Tree to Remember Those Gone”